In addition to the original design, construction, and landscaping team, The Korman family warmly acknowledges everyone who has helped shape the house over 40 years: 


Vinokur Pace Engineering Services, Inc., mechanical/electrical engineering, 1972–73

Keast & Hood Co., structural engineering, 1972–73


Elaine Kurtz, oil paintings, 1972–73/1999–2000

Robin Fredenthal, exterior sculptures, 1972–73/2005

Christopher Wool, 2006–7

Design and landscaping:

Harriet Pattison, landscape architecture, 1971–73/2013–14

Joan Pierpoline, Studio IntraMuros: landscape architecture (with Anu Mathur), interior renovation, and interior design (with Korin Korman), 1999–2002

Joe Pileggi, landscape maintenance, 1998–present

Phil Ring, landscape design, 2010–present

David Rubin and Laurie Olin, landscape architecture, 2005

Susan Binswanger, interior design, 1973

Nicholas Cardone, interior design, 1984

Jennifer Post, interior design, 2014–15

Andrew Fearon, Materials Conservation Collaborative, wood and brick preservation, 2014–2016

Stephan Kuttner Potts, Stanev Potts Architects, architecture, 2012–14

Ed Asfour, Asfour Guzy Architects, architecture, 2014–present

Management and maintenance:

Rich Hubbert, Great Estates, 2006–present

Zedenik Hurnik, construction, 2010–present

Edward Dempsey, property management, 2000–2006

Jeff Lapin, property management, 2008–present

Matthias Rentzmann, millwork, 1999–present

Chris Lynn, wood preservation and interior painting, 1999–present

Chris Dolt, electrical work, 1999–present

Greg Konopko, tile, marble, stone work, 2004–present

Rob Hughes, plumbing, 1999–present

Special thanks to Eva Konopko for diligently caring for the house, 2004–present


Julia Moore Converse, Former Director, Architectural Archives, University of Pennsylvania

William Whitaker, Chief Curator and Collections Manager, Architectural Archives, University of Pennsylvania

Nathaniel Kahn