Project names are linked to records at the Louis I. Kahn Collection, Architectural Archives of the University of Pennsylvania



1935–37: Jersey Homesteads Cooperative Development, Hightstown, NJ (houses and factory built)


1940–42: Oser House, Melrose Park, PA

1941–43: Carver Court Housing, Coatesville, PA

1941–43: Pine Ford Acres, Middletown, PA; partially demolished

1942–43: Lily Ponds HousingWashington, DC; partially demolished

1944–47: Radbill Oil Company, Philadelphia, PA

1947–49: Roche House, Conshohocken, PA

1947–50: Weiss House, Norristown, PA

1948–51: Genel House, Wynnewood, PA


1951–53: Yale Art Gallery, New Haven, CT

1951–56: Mill Creek Housing, Philadelphia, PA

1954–57: Adler House, Philadelphia, PA; demolished

1954–59: Jewish Community Center, Trenton, NJ; bathhouse and day camp built

1955–56: Esherick Studio Addition, Paoli, PA

1957–62: Clever House, Cherry Hill, NJ

1957–65: Richards Medical Research Laboratories, Philadelphia, PA

1958–62: Tribune Review Publishing Company Building, Greensburg, PA

1959–61: Esherick House, Philadelphia (Chestnut Hill), PA

1959–65: Salk Institute for Biological Studies, La Jolla, CA

1959–69: First Unitarian Church, Rochester, NY

1959–73: Fine Arts Center, School and Performing Arts Theater, Fort Wayne, IN; theater and offices built


1960–61: Barge for American Wind Symphony Orchestra, London, England

1960–65: Erdman Hall, Dormitories for Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA

1960–67: Fisher House, Hatboro, PA

1962–74: Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India

1962–83: National Capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh

1964–67: Barge for American Wind Symphony Orchestra, Pittsburgh, PA; completed 1975

1965–72: Phillips Exeter Academy: Library/Dining Hall, Exeter, NH

1966–70: Olivetti-Underwood Factory, Harrisburg, PA

1966–72: Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth, TX

1966–72: Temple Beth-El Synagogue, Chippaqua, NY

1969–74: Yale Center for British Art, New Haven, CT


1971–73: Korman House, Fort Washington, PA

1971–74: Graduate Theological Union Library, Berkeley, CA; designed and built after Kahn’s death

1973–74: Roosevelt Memorial, New York, NY; completed 2012



1937: Prefabricated House


1942–43: Bomber City (Willow Run Housing Development), Detroit, MI

1943: Hotel for 194x, Philadelphia, PA; published

1944: Parasol House Type, for Knoll Associates

1944: Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company, Store Design, published

1945–48: Finklestein House (addition), Ardmore, PA

1946: Hooper House (addition), Baltimore, MD

1946–48: Philadelphia City Planning: Triangle Area Redevelopment, Philadelphia, PA

1947: Jefferson Expansion Memorial Competition, St. Louis, MO; submitted

1947–48: Ehle House, Haverford, PA

1947–49: Tompkins House, Germantown, PA

1949: Jewish Agency, Emergency Housing Schemes, Israel


1951–53: Philadelphia City Planning: Traffic Studies, Philadelphia, PA

1951–53: Row House Studies for City of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

1951–54: Fruchter House, Philadelphia, PA

1951–58: Philadelphia City Planning: Penn Center, Philadelphia, PA

1952–57: City Tower Project, Philadelphia, PA

1954–55: Adath Jeshuran Synagogue, Elkins Park, PA

1955–58: Morris House, Mt. Kisco, NY

1956: Washington University Library Competition, St. Louis, MO; submitted

1956–57: Philadelphia City Planning: Civic Center, Philadelphia, PA

1956–58: Research Institute for Advanced Science, Baltimore, MD

1959: Fleisher House, Elkins Park, PA

1959: Goldenberg House, Rydal, PA

1959–60: Awbury Arboretum Housing Development for the ILGWU, Philadelphia, PA

1959–62: United States Consulate, Luanda, Angola


1960: Roosevelt Memorial Competition, Washington, DC

1960–61: Bristol Township Municipal Building, Levittown, PA; 1960-61

1960–63: Philadelphia City Planning: Market Street East, Philadelphia, PA

1960–63: University of Virginia Chemistry Building, Charlottesville, VA

1960–66: Philadelphia College of Art, Philadelphia, PA

1961–62: Carborundum Company Warehouse and Office, Atlanta, GA

1961–66: Levy Memorial Playground, Riverside Park, New York, NY

1961–72: Mikveh Israel Synagogue, Philadelphia, PA

1962–64: Esherick House: addition for Mrs. Parker, Philadelphia (Chestnut Hill), PA

1963–65: Peabody Museum, Hall of Ocean Life, New Haven, CT

1963–66: President’s Estate at the First Capital of Pakistan, Islamabad, Pakistan

1963–69: Interama Community B, Miami, FL

1965–69: Dominican Mother House, Media, PA

1965–69: Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD

1966–68: Broadway Church and Office Building, New York, NY

1966–70: Stern House, Washington, DC

1966–72: Memorial to the Six Million Jewish Martyrs, New York, NY

1966–73: Kansas City Office Building, Kansas City, MO

1967: Rittenhouse Square Housing, Philadelphia, PA

1967–74: Hill Renewal and Redevelopment, New Haven, CT

1967–74: Hurva Synagogue, Jerusalem, Israel

1968–74: Palazzo Congressi-Biennale, Venice, Italy

1968–74: Wolfson Center for Mechanical and Transportation Engineering, Tel-Aviv, Israel; partially built

1969–70: Raab Dual Movie Theater, Philadelphia, PA

1969–70: Rice University School of Architecture, Houston, TX

1969–73: Inner Harbor Project, Baltimore, MD


1970–75: Family Planning and Maternal Health Center for His Majesty’s Government, Kathmandu, Nepal; partially built

1971: Tree House, Eagleville Hospital and Rehabilitiation Center, Eagleville, PA

1971–73: Bicentennial Exposition, Philadelphia, PA

1971–73: Government Hill Development, Jerusalem, Israel

1971–74: Honickman House, Fort Washington, PA

1972–74: de Menil Foundation, Houston, TX

1972–74: Philadelphia City Planning: Independence Mall, Philadelphia, PA;

1972–74: Pocono Arts Center, Luzerne County, PA

1973–74: Abbasabad Redevelopment, Tehran, Iran