Louis I Kahn's
Final Residential
Fort Washington, PA



The house and its grounds are not currently open for tours. For inquiries about this website and its contents:



This web site was commissioned by Larry Korman as an educational tool and digital archive. 

Archival materials and photographs were provided by the Architectural Archives and Kroiz Gallery of the University of Pennsylvania, a vital resource for scholars worldwide. The support of Harvey and Irwin Kroiz in 1981 established the Kroiz Gallery as a permanent home for the Louis I. Kahn collection, which preserves Kahn’s drawings, models, correspondence, office files, and notebooks. 

Special thanks

At the Archives: William Whitaker, curator and collections manager, for sharing his expertise about Kahn and his houses, and for guiding us through a wealth of archival materials; Nancy Thorne, archivist, for additional research assistance

For interviews and guidance: Harriet Pattison, Nathaniel Kahn, Jeff Lapin

The Korman family is especially grateful to the many smart, creative people who have helped build and maintain the house, from 1971 until today. For a full list of contributors, see Background>Team.

design, research, text (2013–2014)
Willa Rohrer

Rafal Truchan

new photography
Matt Wargo
Jon Rohrer

(additional photographers credited in captions)